Case Studies

Arches Nightclub, Glasgow - Fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance contract case study

We have been working with the Arches nightclub in Glasgow for more than 2 years and John Quinn the operations manager had been using a national fire protection company for some years and had became disillusioned by the service, price and quality of what they were delivering for him and the nightclub.

In a period of 3 years the servicing costs had doubled and when John looked closer at the works that he had paid for it became evident that they had not been carried out and that’s when he severed the contract with them.

John chooses to use us because:

  • We have agreed all of our costs with him.
  • He can successfully budget for those costs and is happy with them.
  • We are able to fire train his staff for him.
  • He fully trusts how we work for and deliver for the Arches.
  • He is in full control of his fire extinguisher contract and costs.

Castlehead Nursing Home, Paisley - Fire training case study

We have now been working with Castlehead nursing home in Paisley for 3 years.

Liz Campbell the care home manager approached us to carry out fire training for the staff because she had became disillusioned by the national company that had been training them.

The national company they had been using delivered fire training using a generic DVD followed by fire extinguisher training in the garden. This fire and evacuation training had shortfalls as the care home needed the benefit of site specific planning and training that left the staff feeling enabled and motivated by.

Liz chooses to use us because:

  • An emergency fire action plan specific to the building was designed and formed the basis of an effective evacuation plan.
  • The staff are confident what to do after we delivered fire training that’s specific to their care homes.
  • Liz feels confident in the planning we put in place for her and implements that into her compliance strategy.

Since then they have trusted us to:

  • Survey and update fire safety signage.
  • Take over the fire extinguisher servicing contract.

As a local company we are here to help make fire safety straightforward and as simple as it should be so it works and leaves you feeling confident that your planning is robust and fit for purpose.

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