Open Training Announced – Level 2 Fire Safety Course. Signup now!

We’re delighted to announce what will be the first of several annual open training courses for individuals to attend. Our training is normally delivered at the request of companies, for their own teams of staff. However, in recent times, we’ve … Continue reading

Ofqual Regulated Qualifications now available from Code Red Fire

We are delighted to announce that a number of the training courses we offer have now been approved by none other than Qualsafe, an Awarding Organisation recognised by Ofqual. Following on from our recent membership achievement for The Institute of … Continue reading

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The new Code Red Car: Doing our bit for the environment!

Have you spotted a small, bright, chequered car buzzing about Renfrewshire or Glasgow recently? Well, it might just have been us! We’ve decided to make some changes in how we get around from client to client and training session to … Continue reading

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Code Red Fire gains Membership of Fire Safety bodies IFE and IFSM

Always striving to improve the quality of service we can deliver to our new and existing clients, we’re delighted to announce that James (founder of Code Red Fire) has been awarded membership of two of the most recognised institutes of … Continue reading

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3 Fire Safety Camping Tips to keep you safe at T in the Park

It’s time for the T in the Park party to begin once again. Last year the festival attracted around 80,000 music fans per day, with around 60,000 of those being campers. That makes it a very busy place to be, … Continue reading

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Fire Risk Assessments – “What’s all the fuss about!”

Nine years ago fire law changed in the UK for ever, and now all British Businesses have a legal duty to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment on their place of work. If you are wondering whether it applies to … Continue reading

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Deafgard – a Fire Safety Solution for the Hard of Hearing

Recently, I invested in a smart new gadget for my grandfather to help combat his sleeping problems. Being hard of hearing, the night times can be hard for him; he often fears that he will sleep through an alarm and … Continue reading

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Staff Fire training – To Do or Not To Do, that is the Question!

As Hamlet proclaims; ‘To be? Or not to be?’, for the Responsible Person under the RR(FS)O it isn’t so much a question of ‘To train; or not to train’ that is the question, but to what depth and to do … Continue reading

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Role, Responsibilities and Duties of a Fire Warden or Fire Marshal

Fire wardens (or fire marshals as they are sometimes called) must have a structure or frame work to follow within the organisation to allow their role to work in preventing fires. This structure has to be regularly audited and managed … Continue reading

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Fire Risk Assessment; A Worthless Expense, or an essential tool?

Many businesses see this as a nuisance, something they are required to have, but really don’t see a need for. In truth, yes, the law, in the shape of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, requires it of every … Continue reading

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