Christmas Fire Safety campaign “Tis the season to be careful”

This community fire safety video illustrates that Christmas is a time of year not to let your guard down. Get your kids involved also and influence generations to come to be fire safe in the home. They are little acorns that can be taught and encouraged from an early age to be safe.

  • Be careful with electrical appliances and don’t overload circuits.
  • Use the correct fuse for appliances always. The wrong fuse can significantly increase the risk from fire.
  • Use Christmas decorations that are non flammable.
  • If you are spraying your Christmas tree with a preservative then use the correct non flammable substance.
  • Don’t let Christmas tree bulbs touch paper decorations.
  • If a bulb  blows on your Christmas tree lights then replace it straight away.
  • Don’t leave your Christmas tree lights on when you go to bed or go out.
  • Check your fire alarm is functioning and tested regularly. Every week is a good way to go.
  • Tell your children what your doing and why regarding fire safety. Start them young and give them fire  awareness for the rest of their lives.

Please call us on 01415612735 for more help or book a free no obligation workplace fire safety survey here

Have a merry Christmas from Code Red Fire Safety and a happy incident free new year!!

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