Deafgard – a Fire Safety Solution for the Hard of Hearing

Recently, I invested in a smart new gadget for my grandfather to help combat his sleeping Deafgard Safety Solutionproblems. Being hard of hearing, the night times can be hard for him; he often fears that he will sleep through an alarm and not be alerted in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Like many deaf or hard of hearing people, he has until now relied on the assistance of a loved one (AKA my grandmother) to alert him to any dangers during the night. As his hearing has depleted over time however, he has become more and more anxious at the dangers posed to him when he is asleep.

The lack of sleep has had a negative impact on his health, and his night-time disturbances have begun to affect my grandmother’s sleeping pattern too. This means that both my grandparents are suffering the consequences of my grandfather’s hearing disability.

This is where the Deafgard  comes in; unlike most other vibrating fire alarm systems which need to be hard-wired into a fire panel, this device is a battery powered wire-free unit, with a pad attachment that simply slides under the pillow of the sleeper.

This resolution saves you from splashing out the hundreds of pounds that would go into installation, maintenance and signal boosting costs that would have to be put into fitting up an alternative system.

These devices are the perfect solution for the deaf or hard of hearing, as they are designed to interconnect with conventional audible alarms at different locations within the home. When an alarm sound reaches 75dBA or above, the pillow pad begins to vibrate, triggering high intensity LED lights on the device to flash. The LCD screen also displays a bright ‘Fire’ warning message. Deafgard, for safety in the bedroom

Since investing in a Deafgard my grandfather has felt far more at ease and his sleeping regime is almost back to normal, much to the relief of my grandmother! We have tried and tested the device and experienced very satisfactory results; it is certainly enough to rouse someone from even the deepest of sleeps.

As an added bonus, the device doubles as an alarm clock which is an extremely useful feature. Before this my grandfather had been relying on his mobile phone alarm to wake him in the mornings, but the vibrations were not strong enough to be effective most of the time.

Fireco offer many other fire safety systems which are perfect if you want to equip yourself with the most innovative new fire-safety features, suitable for both home and business environments. Devices such as the Deafgard are also a good investment for business owners, as service providers that supply sleeping accommodation are legally obliged under The Equality Act 2010 to make reasonable adjustments for the disabled, which includes the deaf and hard of hearing.

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