Fawlty Towers Fire Drill – How not to do it! Please enjoy the video.

  • Have you carried out your fire drill in the last 12 months?
  • Do you know how often you have to do one by law?
  • Did you know that a fire drill checks how well your team can react in an emergency situation?
  • A fire drill will show how effective your training has been.
  • A fire drill will form part of your emergency planning strategy.
  • Did you record that you carried a fire drill out?
  • Call us on 01415612735 if you need more help or advice at any time. Were here to support and help you!
  • Lastly enjoy the video as it was meant to be enjoyed!

Stay fire safe at home and at work!

If you would like a free no obligation workplace fire safety survey then please enquire here.

All the best



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