Fire Safety Advice for London 2012 Olympic Games

As the London 2012 Olympic Games draws ever closer some warnings for businesses and individuals looking to make money from the Games with the large number of visitors and tourists that they will attract have been issued by the authorities concerned.

Specifically if you decide to rent out you house then the property will need to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2012. The article highlights that if anyone pays to stay in a property as anything other than a permanent residence and they pay rent then you need to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

This includes completing a fire risk assessment on the property but also ensuring that you follow basic fire safety tips such as:

Ensure that adequate fire detection, fire warning and fire fighting equipment is in place Install and regularly check smoke alarms

Planning escape routes and making sure that routes are identified and kept clear at all times. Remember that there will be more baggage in your home so these could end up in escape routes.

Have a means of fighting the fire i.e. Fire extinguishers  and ensure that they are suitable for purpose and that they are maintained. Most people opt for dry powder fire extinguishers but please read the blog post to help you choose whats suitable for yoru premises. It’s always worth having a fire blanket also in your kitchen.

Also make sure that you and your visitors follows basic fire safety advice:

  1. Do not overload electrical sockets. Have a look at any foreignelectrical equipment and that any power converter adapters are suitable.
  2. Keep matches and lighters in a safe place.
  3. Ensure that all lighted materials (such as cigarettes etc) are disposed off and extinguished properly.
  4. Keep an eye on existing habits and new habits from any visitors in your kitchen and look again at all cooking equipment for poor wiring and cleanliness.
  5. We know that most people will enjoy socialising in and around the games so please try not to cook or smoke in your accommodation afterwards as alcohol has been proven to increase your risk.

Please enjoy the games and as ever we are here to help you with any advice you may need so call us or email us to help you out.

As a last point please get in touch and give us ideas of what you would like us to blog about as we like to think the blog is for you and to help you.

Have a brilliant olympics and stay fire safe.




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