A Fire Safety Case Study That You Will Never Forget WhenYou watch This!

Fire safety in the workplace in Scotland and the UK is often overlooked as:station night club fire 2003

  •  A grudge purchase
  • An inconvenience
  • Just that thing we should really do and we will get round too at some point!

If you think in any of these frames of mind you may well have a different perspective after watching this video.

Food for thought and a fact is that fire safety compliance is as low as 40% in Scotland!

This case study looks at the “Station Night Club Fire” which happened in 2003. It significantly changed things in the USA after the tragic deaths of 100 people.

Please watch this and tell me what you think.


Were you shocked at how those people needlessly died?

The key points for me were that investing in fire safety saves lifes and is always an investment for the living.

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