Fire safety in tents at music festivals like T in The Park

Below are some valuable tips on how to keep fire safe when camping at festivals such as the upcoming T in The Park Festival in Scotland.

  • t in the park imageNever light candles or have flame burning equipment in or near to a tent.
  • In bigger tents which are marketed as being geared up for cooking, when possible cook outside and away from the tent.
  • Don’t smoke inside a tent. Ensure all matches and lighters are stored safely away from children.
  • Flammable liquids and gas cylinders should be stored well away from the tent.
  • Have an escape plan and be prepared to cut your way out of the tent if there is a fire.
  • If your clothes have caught fire, the important thing is to remember the procedure for putting it out which is to stop, drop and roll.
  • If somebody else’s clothing has caught fire, you should tell (or force) them to drop and try to smother them with a blanket or other large item of clothing to quell the flames, then roll them.
  • Pitch tents at least 6 meters away from caravans (likely to contain cookers).
  • If visiting a campsite find out what the firefighting arrangements and procedures are.

If your in doubt then please call us on 01415612735 for a chat.

Party hard and stay fire safe…



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