Practical fire extinguisher training courses for staff “have you got it covered?”

dry powder fire extinguisherHas it ever dawned on you that you don’t know how to practically use the fire extinguisher safely that hangs on your wall?

Fact: 82% of all fires in the UK are successfully extinguished using fire extinguishers.

To me this proves the value of practical fire extinguisher courses and the investment into your staff’s development!

Your staff must have fire training to help them operate a fire extinguisher safely and effectively to protect you all and every aspect of your business. If you think about the needs and benefits they would most probably go along these lines when you question yourself:

  1. Its a legal requirement.
  2. You all need to be safe and free from harm.
  3. Fire extinguishers are a piece of equipment that requires training to be competent and safe with.
  4. Your insurance may well require it.
  5. Your business needs to stay trading and operational.
  6. If there is an accident using one then  there is undoubtedly a claim somewhere for damages.
  7. What’s the point in having them if we dont know how to use them!


If you would like to train your staff then please book a fire warden course or contact us to arrange a full practical fire extinguisher training course illustrated in the video below.

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