Put it out – Right out!

We found this on info4fire and wanted to share it with you.

For me it shows how sometimes people overlook the small details and expect fires to come from really complex sources and even think it wont happen to me.




  • Will you now be looking at supporting your smokers by showing this video to them for a better outcome at your work?
  • Will you be looking at damping down ash trays and cigarette recepticles outside?
  • Think about how well sited your bins are away from your building and make sure that skips are 10 metres from your building too!

Oh and I didnt forget! Don’t let leaves build up in your plant pots to become a source of fuel like this did!

Stay safe everyone and get in touch on 01415612735 for more help or to book a no obligation workplace fire safety survey!

Best wishes and stay in touch!


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