5 Ways To Make Your Business Secure Through Improved Risk Management

security padlock imagePart of the responsibility of running a successful business includes dealing with security issues. If you take the necessary preventative measures it will save you a lot of time, money and stress in the long run. All you need to do is take some simple steps to making your business secure and protecting your property from vandals and intruders.

Here are 5 ways to help make your business more secure.

1. Risk Assessment

If you haven’t done a security risk assessment then don’t wait any longer. Doing a risk assessment on all aspects of your security can help highlight any potential issues and areas for improvement.

It enables you to identify and eliminate security risks which will stop some problems occurring in the first place. Go through your entire building and note down as many security risks as you can, then you can come up with an action plan and upgrade certain areas of your security.

2. Control Access

Do you have any measures in places to control who accesses your business property? There are a number of ways you can do this. You can use turnstiles, road blockers, security gates and fencing to keep people out of your property. You might also want to consider using door codes or security badges for staff and visitors, so that only authorised personnel have access to the building.

You need to keep any potential threats away from your property. Wilful fire raising can occur if you enable people to get onto your property. In Scotland it’s the number 1 threat from fire, it causes 64% of all commercial fires. If you take precautions and control access then burglars and vandals will be eliminated as a threat.

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3. Secure All Windows And Doors

Check all possible access points to your building including windows and doors. Are they all secure? Make sure you reduce the risk of intruders by securing all entry points. You may need to replace the locks on certain doors or install a more secure security system. You might want to get security experts in to do an inventory of your building and evaluate how secure your property is.

4. Sign-in Book

You should have a sign in book that records any visitors to the building. That way if there is a security breach you know who was inside the building at that time and how many people need to be safely removed from the premises.

You should get visitors to record their name, car registration, arrival and leaving times. Keep your sign in book records somewhere safe so that you can reference them easily.

Sign-in books are also crucial in case of a fire, because all personnel in the building need to be accounted for.

5. Alarms, CCTV & Security Centre

Although it sounds obvious, an alarm system and CCTV are both crucial to keeping your business secure. If you already have an alarm then check it is in working order and decide whether you need an upgrade.

Don’t forget to regularly check your fire alarms to make sure they are in working order. If possible you should have a security centre where CCTV and alarms are monitored. This enables staff to alert the police and take action should an emergency situation occur. They can also closely watch the security cameras to keep an eye on any suspicious behaviour, this can prevent some break-ins happening in the first place.



Neil Maycock works in the security industry and access control systems. He recommends MDS Security for all your security access solutions.

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