Dont let the triangle of fire happen in your business! You need to watch this video to believe what happened!


It’s hard to believe that a cigarette butt and dried pot plant leaves almost took out this business in England but it did!

If you know about the “triangle of fire” and have had decent fire training then you will appreciate that keeping the 3 parts of the fire triangle apart will save your business and your life into the bargain.

Just for your information the 3 parts are:

  1. Fuel – anything that will burntriangle of fire
  2. Air or oxygen
  3. Heat or ignition

A common urban myth is that you need a match or a flame to start a fire.


Well you saw it with your own eyes didn’t you that:

1. a cigarette 2. dry leaves 3. air became that “triangle of fire” that nearly did for this building.

Fact: 80% of the difference that your staff can make at work is through vigilance and good housekeeping so that means having trained staff that are switched on can only be good for your business!

I’m sure you would agree with me wouldn’t you?

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