Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers Get The Facts For Fighting Oil And Fat Fires Here!

new firepower 6 litre wet chemical fire extinguisher

Many people have never heard of wet chemical fire extinguishers  let alone have them in the right places next to hazards.

Did you know that your general run of the mill fire blanket has these limitations?

  • For use on a maximum diametre pot of 300mm
  • for use on 3 litres of oil as a maximum volume

Please read the  instructions on your fire blanket at the warnings its should say all this on it.

All other general fire extinguishers are useless on cooking oil or fats fires in fact using them could be very dangerous indeed and thats why you have to be sure your extinguisher has the “Class F” pictogram on it.

class f fire pictogram


Make sure you get a credible fire risk assessments carried out by a competent risk assessor who will  highlight if your covered correctly with the correct amount and types of fire extinguishers in line with BS5306-08.

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Please watch this Youtube clip  to the Heathrow Airport fire which shows all types of fire extinguishers attempting to put out a burning oil / fat fire and make up your on mind on which works best.


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