The new Code Red Car: Doing our bit for the environment!

Have you spotted a small, bright, chequered car buzzing about Renfrewshire or Glasgow recently? Well, it might just have been us! We’ve decided to make some changes in how we get around from client to client and training session to training session!

It doesn’t yet have a name, though we’re leaning towards the “Code Red Mobile” (like the Bat Mobile, but cooler), but this is our new regular transport. A smaller, more environmentally friendly, mode of transport to help get us around.

Code Red Car

You’ll still see the Code Red Vans around, but we’re limiting their use as much as possible. We do still need them to carry equipment, but there is limited benefit to trudging them around town centres when we don’t have to!

So, keep your eyes peeled and look out for us. If you see us, let us know. Post a picture on Twitter with the hashtag #CodeRedMobile!

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