Fire Safety Signage

We can install or supply you with all types of fire safety / marine / bespoke signs you need so you can keep your workplace, staff and visitors safe so you protect your business and make sure it’s legally compliant.

Fire safety signs ensure anyone on your premises has the correct information on how to take action, how to evacuate and where to assemble in case of a fire or false alarm quickly and with ease.

We understand you need the best fire safety signs at fair and competitive prices by a service provider you trust to help you.

We can install or supply you with the following types of safety signs:

  • Fire action signs.
  • Fire evacuation signs.
  • Fire assembly signs.
  • Fire equipment signs.
  • Fire extinguisher ID signs.
  • Marine safety signs.
  • Bespoke designed health and safety or fire safety signs you may want.

All of our signs are manufactured to BS 5499 which guarantees that your fire safety signs are made to the highest standards ensuring durability, long life and value for money at a fair price.

Call us on 0141 561 2735 or contact us to book a no obligation workplace survey to find out how you can achieve total fire protection today!