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Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers Get The Facts For Fighting Oil And Fat Fires Here!

Many people have never heard of wet chemical fire extinguishers  let alone have them in the right places next to hazards. Did you know that your general run of the mill fire blanket has these limitations? For use on a … Continue reading

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How not to fire train your staff in Scotland!

I saw this film clip of a fire safety training course from Turkey that quite clearly didn’t go to plan! It gave me food for thought and although it was almost disastrous it turned out for the best in the end! … Continue reading

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Dry powder fire extinguishers are they correct for your business?

Have you ever wondered why you have a dry powder fire extinguisher in your business? I have seen them in all sorts of types of workplaces in the last few years in places  like: Nurseries Office corridors Hotels Accountants offices HMO … Continue reading

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