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Fire Risk Assessments – “What’s all the fuss about!”

Nine years ago fire law changed in the UK for ever, and now all British Businesses have a legal duty to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment on their place of work. If you are wondering whether it applies to … Continue reading

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Fire Risk Assessment; A Worthless Expense, or an essential tool?

Many businesses see this as a nuisance, something they are required to have, but really don’t see a need for. In truth, yes, the law, in the shape of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, requires it of every … Continue reading

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A Fire Safety Case Study That You Will Never Forget WhenYou watch This!

Fire safety in the workplace in Scotland and the UK is often overlooked as:  A grudge purchase An inconvenience Just that thing we should really do and we will get round too at some point! If you think in any … Continue reading

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Fire Marshal | Warden F.P.A. Accredited Fire Training Course – Glasgow Area Scotland

COURSE FULL – NO PLACES AVAILABLE This FPA fire protection association accredited fire warden | marshal training course is the first to be delivered in Scotland. Legislation means employers must provide fire traning  in the actions to be taken in the event … Continue reading

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Smoke alarms – tested yours recently?

 Have you heard the one about little Johnny?   Little Johnny’s class went on a school trip to the fire station. The firefighter giving the presentation held up a smoke detector and asked the class: “Does anyone know what this is?” Little … Continue reading

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Could your electrical adaptors be ready to burn down your business right now?

Electrical adaptors in workplaces have become so commonplace its unreal! The problem is that 3 or 4 places to plug in doesn’t mean that sticking 3 or 4 plugs in to them is safe. Far from it! All bar adapters … Continue reading

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Dont let the triangle of fire happen in your business! You need to watch this video to believe what happened!

[youtube]http://youtu.be/-m8ntRJljl0[/youtube] It’s hard to believe that a cigarette butt and dried pot plant leaves almost took out this business in England but it did! If you know about the “triangle of fire” and have had decent fire training then you … Continue reading

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“Electrical hazard fires at home” our own worst enemy is ignorance!

The Electrical Safety Council has recently published eye opening and jaw dropping details on how we are living in the UK. A recent survey of 4,098 adults really shows how we are living and what we are oblivious to is causing … Continue reading

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Forty percent of businesses are failing to conduct fire risk assessments – Don’t fail act Today!

Forty percent of businesses are failing to conduct Fire risk assessments in accordance with legislation implemented seven years ago, warns Aviva Risk Management Solutions (ARMS). http://www.britishsme.co.uk/2010/01/20/fire-law-failings-sees-prosecutions-rise/ for information or a Free no obligation survey please call us on 01415612735 today Based on this unsatisfactory level … Continue reading

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Smoke alarms a useful guide for saving your life!

Smoke alarms and lack of working ones seems to be always in the news these days. That’s why we thought lets write up something that can make it simple for people to use that can make a difference at home. I … Continue reading

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