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Arsonist that trys to burn down a pub sets fire to himself accidentally

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service have released footage of a budding arsonist taking part in accidental self-immolation. The man, who was convicted for two and a half years after pleading guilty to one count of arson, decided to attempt to … Continue reading

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How not to fire train your staff in Scotland!

I saw this film clip of a fire safety training course from Turkey that quite clearly didn’t go to plan! It gave me food for thought and although it was almost disastrous it turned out for the best in the end! … Continue reading

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Fawlty Towers Fire Drill – How not to do it! Please enjoy the video.

Have you carried out your fire drill in the last 12 months? Do you know how often you have to do one by law? Did you know that a fire drill checks how well your team can react in an … Continue reading

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Christmas Fire Safety campaign “Tis the season to be careful”

This community fire safety video illustrates that Christmas is a time of year not to let your guard down. Get your kids involved also and influence generations to come to be fire safe in the home. They are little acorns … Continue reading

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