Fire Extinguisher Accessories

As well as the Fire Extinguisher itself, there are a number of accessories that can add to the ease of access, storage and general fire readiness of your fire extinguishers. We can supply you with a wide range of accessories, including …

Fire Extinguisher ID Signs

On the wall or extinguisher stand there must be signage provided by law. This sign tells anyone what type it is, what types of fires it can and cannot be used on which in turn keeps you safe.

Fire Extinguisher Trollies

Larger extinguishers can often be heavy, and moving from A to B in the event of a fire can be difficult. Extinguisher trollies give you an advantage in such circumstance, allowing a wheeled unit to push / pull to the required location.

Fire Extinguisher Boxes

A more aesthetically pleasing alternative to hanging on the wall, boxes keep your extinguishers neat, tidy and secure. These are ideal for locations where security and the weather is an issue.

Fire Extinguisher Stands

If you would prefer that your extinguishers are not mounted on the wall or cannot be for whatever reason then stands are ideal. They are produced in plastic and all the way to stainless steel where aesthetics are important to you.

Miscellaneous or products not listed here:

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All fire extinguishers / safety products are constructed to the highest standards guaranteeing durability and long life.

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