Manual Handling

One of the key areas in which we can provide assistance to business is Manual Handling. Offering Manual Handling advice and training to a wide a range of companies, we aim to ensure that those companies comply with the “Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992″. This, in turn, gives staff the knowledge, confidence and skills to keep them safe and injury free in the work place.

Manual Handling is an important area of Health and Safety in the work place. Indeed, approx. 36% of injuries in the workplace are related to poor or incorrect manual handling.

Manual Handling Training Courses

We currently provide two core manual handling training courses – Manual Handling of People and Manual Handling of Objects. Each can be provided in full day and half day formats, with pricing varying accordingly.

The courses are designed to cover specific areas and requirements of the workplace, to improve awareness of common workplace accidents such as back pain/injury and provide knowledge and understanding surrounding safe practices by focussing topics such as:

  • Understanding basic anatomy.
  • Identifying poor practices that can cause injury.
  • Demonstrating understanding of Legislation and Legal Requirements.
  • Demonstrating ability to undertake risk assessment.
  • Demonstrate safe moving and handling practices.

Training Course: Manual Handling and Moving of Objects

Aimed at staff and employees who have to lift, handle and move objects within the workplace, this course is ideal for those working in offices, shops and factories. The course covers various topics including Manual handling hazards, safe handling practices and ergonomics of the spine.

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Training Course: Manual Handling and Moving of People

A more specialised course, our Moving and Handling of People training is particularly useful for those who work in care homes, housing support, hospitals etc. A focus on topics such as handling aids, mobility assistance and spine awareness, this training course will give staff the confidence and skill they need to handle and move people without distress.

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If you have questions about these courses, or any other courses or services on our site, please get in touch. All courses are designed to be enjoyable, educational and flexible and, as such, we can work with you to tailor each course to fit the needs and requirements of your business.

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